Ways to Boost Instagram Account Reach

7 Smart Ways to Boost Instagram Account Reach

Instagram is the most popular social platform, especially among youngsters. It has 1.25 billion active users till now. Every celebrity and brand has an account on this platform. It is the best marketing tool nowadays but getting huge reach requires some special efforts on this platform. 

In this article, we will learn the smart ways to boost Instagram account reach. Let’s dig out!

What Is Instgram Algorithgm?

Instagram algorithm is a little bit complex. It promotes quality posts according to the user experience. If you learn the art of creating relevant and attractive posts, you can beat the algorithms. In this further, we will discuss how you can get a huge reach on those posts. Let’s discuss it!

  1. Post Timing Strategy

The time of post matters in the Instagram reaches game. No doubt, Instagram itself doesn’t mention the specific time but after studies, we know that it has importance. Instagram always promotes new posts and takes relevant content. Your new post has the ability to get more reach due to trends. Post time varies from audience to audience. 

For example, you have to post on Instagram when you observe your most of the audience is live. If your audience likes online casino games then you must publish gaming posts and stories in that specific time.  You can know the times of your audience with the help of Instagram Insights.

  1. Use Hashtags 

Many people only get reach from their followers. But this isn’t possible if you’re not a famous person. In this case, you have to use smart and relevant hashtags. When you use hashtags, you can get traffic outside of your following. But you should use these tags very carefully because a little mistake can create a mess with your account. You must use relevant and quality hashtags. Remember, Instagram has put a limit on using hashtags and you can use only 30 hashtags on one post and 10 on your story. Keep in mind, that if you use unnecessary and excessive hashtags, your post will lose credibility. 

  1. Make Your Stories and Reels Awesome with Stickers

Engagement is the top priority of the Instagram. If you want to engage people with your post, you need to use impressive stickers with your stories and reels. These stickers convince people to spend more time on your posts. A low bounce rate gives positive signals to Instagram. You can use the following stickers on your reel ad stories:

  • Quiz Sticker
  • Emoji Slider 
  • Question Sticker
  • Hashtag & Location 
  • Bonus Stickers
  1. Share Your Instagram Post on Other Social Platforms 

Sharing your post on various social media such as Facebook and Twitter is a good promoting practice. When you link your post to other media, you can divert the traffic from multiple platforms. This way, you can easily get a huge reach on your Instagram account. 

  1. Go Live Is Wow Strategy 

Instagram allows you to go live. You can use this awesome feature to get traffic. When go live on Instagram, you can get more traffic to your account. When you go live, Instagram automatically sends notifications to your followers. Plus, Instagram considers it a good practice and offers some perks in return in terms of reach and visibility. 

  1. Get Help of Boosted Post

Boosted post is another way to promote Instagram. But you need some budget to promote your post. In this way, Instagram promotes your account with its own strategies and shows your content to the target audience. You have different paid promotion pricing but you should choose according to your budget. Besides, you also allocate a specific budget for the boosted post in advance.  

  1. Work with Influencers

You can get the help of influencers and influencer marketing. You can hire influencers for the shout-out of your post or brand. As you know, influences already have a huge fan base and can convey the right message to a larger audience. Sometimes, it could be expensive but this smart way can easily promote your post and account. 

Final Word 

Getting a huge Instagram reach is a dream of every Instagramer. But many people are struggling with their accounts but fail to get desired traffic. If you’re one of them, you must follow the above-mentioned steps. These are the best smart ways to get more reach in your account so don’t be late to apply them. 

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