9 best apps for editing photos on your smartphone: choosing ZOOM

9 best apps for editing photos on your smartphone: choosing ZOOM

You can professionally edit a photo not only on a computer, but also on a regular smartphone. For this, it is convenient to use special applications analogous to well-known graphic editors or even separate programs developed specifically for mobile devices. What free applications for photo editing should be installed on your smartphone, says ZOOM.CNews.

There are hundreds of applications in which you can process images – so the user will have to spend a lot of time to find the one suitable for their tasks. In order not to download everything to your smartphone, choose a couple of programs from our list.

1. Canva

Canvas is one of the most productive iOS and Android apps. It has one important feature that most other free photo editors don’t have. It’s the ability to manipulate your shots with hundreds of ready-made templates, backgrounds, shapes and icons. The tools built into the application do not differ from those used in professional editors, not only mobile, but also some desktop versions.

Among the features of the program are cropping frames, improving image quality, applying filters, using templates and stock photos, as well as uploading your photos to create the desired designs based on them. The editor allows you to use most of the most popular formats and continue processing them on your computer – in Canva’s desktop version.

In general, this is one of the most convenient apps for creating beautiful stories, publications for Instagram and other social networks, as well as colorful invitations, posters and flyers. It is available for free for personal use, but for a large blog or corporate account, you will have to buy Pro access.


VSCO is suitable for professional photo processing: here you can edit various parameters of images, including temperature, contrast, brightness and proportions. While the app has several paid features, the free features will be more than enough for most users.

Among the advantages of the program – the complete absence of advertising, small size, as well as support for Android and iOS. There is integration with social networks and the function of saving individual settings, which allows you to process pictures in one general style. With the help of a graphic editor, you can share your photos with other VSCO users. Although it also has drawbacks – there are only 10 filters, which is much less than most other photo editing programs. Also, the application has a very short period of free access – only 7 days.

3. Snapseed

A universal and free program for image processing, which has received almost all the necessary functions from the developers – the ability to adjust the brightness, change the saturation, darken and lighten the photo. And even do point correction, use an eraser and brushes, as in desktop editors like Photoshop. The application allows you to choose from over 30 effects, including the creation of portraits and works of art. Manual settings can be saved here for use when processing other photos.

The list of available filters includes 2x exposure, advanced blur, grunge filter for adding texture, and tonal contrast. However, the main advantage of the application is the history of changes. It allows you to return to the actions performed during the editing process at any time. It should be noted that not all editors have such an opportunity, even for desktop PCs – although the sequence of actions cannot be used to process other photos.

4. Pixlr

A convenient photo editor that allows you to take new photos for further processing using a special “Camera” tab. When shooting, you can adjust the brightness, saturation and contrast. And when creating collages, you can change the characteristics of images and the borders between them, including colors, thickness and border rounding parameters. A processed single or created from several photos can be saved or immediately uploaded to social networks Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

Among the features of the application is the function of removing red-eye from the photo, automatic adjustment of parameters, sharpening and saving in the most popular formats. You can paint on a photo using the Brush tool – just like in a desktop editor. However, the program also has disadvantages: the presence of advertising, as well as the ability to use most of the functions only online.

5. Afterlight

Multifunctional photo editing software designed primarily for iPhones and iPads. You can also find a version for Android in GooglePlay – but it will have fewer filters, textures and other effects. Also, the Android variant hasn’t been updated since 2014, so it’s best to use the app only on the iPhone.

The editor’s capabilities make it a good option for a beginner and professional photographer, blogger, designer or account manager. There are 120 fonts and 150 designs available in the iOS version, as well as over 130 photo editing filters. Like many aAppStore programs, Afterlight is shareware, but contains in-app purchases.

6. PicsArt: Photo & Video Editor

A program for Android and iOS that allows you to use several hundred different functions for processing photos, including the use of original backgrounds and filters, special effects and work with layers. Photos can be combined to create collages, and if necessary, you can also use paid options available in the built-in store. It is convenient to upload ready-made photos to social networks, including in the form of stickers for WhatsApp, Telegram and other instant messengers.

The app has several useful presets for preparing a photo for posting on Instagram, including distorting colors and adding text. The program allows you to apply brushes for editing and create collages. And among the shortcomings, users note only small delays in the processing process when choosing certain filters.

7. Photo Lab

An excellent editor that will open access to more than 900 effects that allow you to transform the original pictures almost beyond recognition. To do this, you can replace and blur the background, add hats and makeup, animate and correct colors. And also – frames and highlights, functions for creating collages and even replacing faces.

Among the features of the program is a convenient and simple menu that allows you to edit a picture with just a couple of clicks, as well as synchronization with popular social networks for quick photo sharing. Minus – the application does not work offline. To use it, you will have to connect to Wi-Fi or mobile Internet. The free period lasts only three days, but this time will be enough to evaluate the main features of the program.

8. Adobe Photoshop Express

Mobile version of one of the most popular graphics editors available in PlayMarket and AppStore. And free, unlike the official Photoshop for computers. Among the possibilities of the program – the creation of collages, adding watermarks, removing grain and “noise” that appear due to poor lighting. Conveniently, the quality of the photo does not change when saving, which allows you to edit even large pictures.

The program is not similar to the desktop version either in design or in capabilities, which are much less than those of the original. But with the help of Photoshop Express, you can edit photos in just a few clicks – in most cases, you just need to select the desired template and move a few sliders.

9. AdobePhotoshopLightroom

A powerful and easy-to-use image editor for iOS and Android. The popular app allows you to not only edit photos, but also learn how to edit photos using the built-in interactive tutorials. Moreover, a significant part of the functions here are completely free without any trial periods. These include using curves, changing the definition and texture, mixing colors, and creating your own profile.

When choosing the paid version, the choice of functions begins to approach the desktop version of Photoshop. Here it becomes possible to process RAW files, adjust a selected part of the image and a Healing Brush. And the user of the paid version can share his works in the application gallery.


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