Best Guide For Home Maintenance

Best Guide For Home Maintenance

Your home is your cocoon. You pay particular attention to its decoration, room by room, to make you feel good there every day. A beautiful, well-appointed interior makes all the difference. But there you go, it also requires a bit of maintenance. For a healthy home where life is good and where the decoration keeps all its shine, the maintenance of furniture, floors, textiles and surfaces of all kinds is important. For easy and hassle-free home maintenance, our interior design experts give you their best advice.

We are not going to lie to each other, cleaning is rarely part of the joyful tasks of everyday life. Although! Some see it as an ideal activity to put your head and business in order. But whatever. The feeling of freshness and cleanliness that you feel when you enter a room is well worth the effort. From the bedroom to the living room, via the kitchen and the bathroom, our experts have prepared some practical tips for you. Let’s see together.

Daily home maintenance

If you are one of those who limit themselves to spring cleaning (do you also do the windows the day before a rainy day?) know that this may not be enough to keep your house clean and healthy. Of course, there are things that you don’t wash more than once or twice a year, such as duvets, mattresses or curtains , and in this case a major annual cleaning is enough. But as you can see, there are elements that get dirty and wear out more quickly than others and there, more regular maintenance is necessary.

What cleaning products will I need for home maintenance?

First of all, know that the maintenance of the house does not have to ruin you. No need to invest in many household products. The same basic products work wonders all over the house. To clean the most stubborn dirt, vinegar, black knowledge and Marseille soap will be very effective. Need to neutralize bad smells? On a carpet, for example, baking soda that is left to act for a few minutes and vacuumed up is unbeatable.

If you decide to obtain ready-to-use products in the trade, we can only recommend that you read the labels and symbols carefully, especially for textiles. Some products are too aggressive and abrasive.

Information Point

Alkaline or acidic detergents? Alkaline cleaning products have a high pH and are very degreasing but also abrasive. Always read the precautions carefully. Acidic detergents have a lower pH and work particularly well against limescale. They are used more for the maintenance of the bathroom.

Our tips to make house cleaning easier

We get it, you’re okay with keeping your home healthy and looking after all your decorative accessories, but you don’t necessarily want to spend all day there. No problem ! Here are some tips to optimize your cleaning time.

To save time, do your tasks one by one. For example, if you are dusting, dust the whole house at once. If you are doing the floors, do all the floors in the house at the same time. Finally, to avoid ruining your efforts, do the cleaning in a logical order.

1. Dust

Remove dust with a cloth or a feather duster on the surfaces where it settles daily: from the table to the shelves, including the mirror, the TV screen  and  the computer .

2. Clean surfaces

With a dedicated sponge and a dedicated cloth (the dishwashing sponge is not used to clean the table or the central island!), clean all the surfaces with suitable products. Pay particular attention to the bathroom and kitchen, which should be cleaned daily.

No need to strip the shower screen thoroughly every day. Take a few seconds after showering to wipe off the water drops. So limescale doesn’t build up and you don’t have to scrub for long minutes on Sunday morning to see through again! Do the same on the faucets. You will see, daily clean effect guaranteed.

3. Vacuum

More efficient than the broom, the vacuum cleaner adapts to all floor surfaces and collects more dust. Don’t forget to empty and clean your filter regularly for better efficiency.

4. Wash floors

Depending on your floor (tiles, parquet, PVC, etc.), scour with a suitable product to remove all stains and for an impeccable finish.

As you have understood, good organization and small daily gestures greatly facilitate the maintenance of the house. In addition to doing your chores in a specific order, think about tidying up your house, loading the dishwasher, tidying up your  fridge  and clearing spaces on a daily basis. The same goes for your dressing room: a well-organized wardrobe will be that much easier to clean and sort when the seasons change.

Home maintenance of surfaces and textiles piece by piece

So there are these little things to do on a daily basis and others (which we often put off!) to do more occasionally. Let’s see together, room by room, the essential steps for maintaining your home.

Kitchen maintenance

The kitchen is used several times a day, every day. To keep it clean and healthy, it is important to clean it regularly. The work plan, the table and the dishes are to be done every day. As soon as you use your household appliances and get them dirty ( oven , microwave, griddle, etc.), remember to clean them. Don’t forget the dishwasher  ! We do not necessarily see it, but it too, just like the washing machine, needs regular maintenance for better operation and to avoid breakdowns. Finally, remember to change and wash your kitchen linen (dishtowels, towels) every week.

If you have copper cookware and silver cutlery, you can also polish them once a year to keep them shiny.

Room and living room maintenance

Lots of textiles in these two rooms! How to clean a sofa , maintain leather or faux leather armchairs, fabric armchairs, a suede pouf… All these questions will not remain unanswered thanks to the guides that our decoration experts have prepared for you. A wine stain on the carpet? A marble coffee table that you dare not use, dirty and clean? Don’t worry, each little accident has its solution!

For regular maintenance, vacuum carpets and fabric sofas. For net curtains, cushions and throws, put them in the washing machine from time to time, following the precautions indicated on the labels. For bedding, the sheets are cleaned once a week for better sleep.

If your decoration includes brass accessories, which are very trendy, we also have some tips shared in a dedicated guide to keep it all its shine.

Bathroom maintenance

Here, everyday gestures are essential. The soap dish, the toothbrush holder, the washbasin… every day, wipe down the sponge, rinse and wipe these elements. The shower and the bathtub are also to be maintained every week to avoid deposits. Finally, the joints and the tiling are to be cleaned regularly (but less often, if you apply the small gestures of everyday life!).

It’s your turn!


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