Joseline Cabaret Season 3 Cast

Joseline Cabaret Season 3 Cast

Joseline Cabaret is a reality series that centers on a group of dancers and strippers. The show’s cast has become popular with their witty remarks and controversial topics.

This episode oozes with tension as the girls compete for a photoshoot. Joseline throws a pool party to cool things off.


When Joseline Cabaret premiered in January, it became an instant hit. Its cast members, which include Lexi Blow, Chanel, Henny, ReRe, Lollipop and Jordan, were praised for their hard work.

Gaia gives an alluring performance involving holy water. Then, she quits the show. Meanwhile, Joseline chooses Lexi, Jordan, and Lollipop to perform on the lounge’s opening night. She also surprises everyone by adding a fifth girl, Amber, over Henny.

Lexi Blow

A lot of new dancers joined the cast for Season 3 of Joseline Cabaret. They included Sapphire from Atlanta, Cleveland native Big Lex, Henny, Lollipop, Atlanta’s K Kapri, and more.

Lexi Blow and her fiance Balistic Beats become Joseline’s eyes and ears. They are able to choose which girl will perform in the final performance. Episode 5 aired in February 2022 and was loaded with intense fights.

Chanel Tso

In the first episode of the season, there was a lot of fighting among the dancers. Joseline chooses Jordan, ReRe, Lollipop and Lexi to perform at the cabaret. She eliminates Raven, BlckDiamond, Kapri and Henny after a second round of dancing.

The show is filmed at G5ive Miami, where Joseline worked a decade ago. She hopes to clean up the strip club scene.


The cast of Joseline Cabaret season 3 includes Lexi Blow and Chanel Tso from Atlanta, Mz Natural from Miami, Henny from New York, Gaia Love from Tennessee, K Kapri from Atlanta and Denver’s Lollipop. Several of them have been featured in other reality shows such as the popular series Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta. For more information, visit techbusinesstown.

The girls gang up on Gaia, who has a religious meltdown. More fights break out when Balistic Beats arrives for the photoshoot.


A new cast joins Joseline’s cabaret this season. The dancers include Henny, BlckDiamond, Lollipop, and Jordan Monroe. The girls quarrel and fight constantly. Joseline threatens to kick Gaia, Wet Wet, and Raven out of the lounge.

The girls’ witty retorts make the show fun to watch. The girls also get into a fight during a photoshoot. This leads to two cliques in the house: Natural and Lucky.

Mz Natural

After leaving Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, Joseline Hernandez landed a reality show on Zeus Network called, “Joseline Cabaret.” The cast includes some familiar faces.

Heated arguments and fights break out as the girls prepare for the lounge’s opening night. Henny, Gaia, ReRe, Lollipop, and Kapri quarrel, while Sapphire is accused of saying a racist slur and BlckDiamond uses the word nigga.

K Kapri

After leaving Love & Hip Hop, Joseline Hernandez started her own reality show on Zeus Network called, “Joseline Cabaret.” The series follows Joseline and other exotic dancers in their Miami club.

This season, Chanel and Lexi Blow return as cabaret captains alongside ten new cast members. The girls include: Henny from New York City, Jordan Monroe from New Jersey, ReRe from Atlanta, Lollipop from Denver, Amber Ward from Chicago and Raven Diaz from Miami.

Raven Diaz

After a brawl between Joseline and Daisy, the cabaret’s future hangs in the balance. But she eventually chooses Lexi, Chanel, Natural, and BossTec to perform with her in the final stages of the show.

The ladies battle it out in the Las Vegas stage. Despite a lot of misunderstandings and arguments, the dancers give an amazing performance that leaves the audience in awe.


Bosstec is a returning cast member of Joseline Cabaret. She is a self-described body paint queen who hails from Atlanta, Georgia. She is known for her quick wit and ability to get girls to work on the stage.

The show’s latest episode features heated arguments between the dancers. This is the episode in which Diamond uses the nigga slur on her co-dancers.


The reality series follows ten girls living together in a mansion while competing to perform in a cabaret. This season includes returning cast members such as Daisy, Chazzity, and Lucky along with eight new women.

Episode one oozes with tension between the girls as they argue over who should be cast for the lounge’s opening night. The fights continue as Gaia has a religious meltdown and fights with Lexi.

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