Lisa Sparks

Lisa Sparks, A Woman Who Slept with 919 Men in One Day

You must already have been greatly shocked by the title saying Lisa Sparks slept with 919 men in one day. The incident will certainly make you smile, that’s for sure. The sources claim that Lisa Sparks faced up against two other women that day. By the end of what was through, she had defeated her main competitor by a margin of 21 men. Are you interested in discovering more about her amazing experience in-depth? Let’s begin with Lisas’ incident.

Who is Lisa Sparks?

Actress and director Lisa Sparks, born in Bowling Green, Kentucky, set the goal of sleeping with many guys in a day, and she achieved it.

She is an adult film actress from the United States who also calls herself Lisa Sparxxx, as was already mentioned. In just 7.5 hours, she has completed extraordinary achievements. On October 16, 2004, She accomplished this amazing achievement in Warsaw, Poland. By engaging in sexual activities with 919 men as compared to 759 earlier, she broke the previous record.

Lisa Sparks World Record

The lady who holds the global record for having slept with the most men in 24 hours is Lisa Sparks, according to The Guinness Book of Records. In just one day, she broke this world record in 2004. The previous record holder had 759 men within 24 hours before she beat it.

Lisa Sparks world record

She claimed that she took part in the action, which lasted 45 seconds for each man. Although she later experienced some pain, she eventually overcame it after a week; she said she had fun. Every incident occurred in Poland. This shows how anyone like her may do anything to have her name in the Guinness Book of Records.

The experience, according to Lisa, was so boring at this point that she had to place a McDonald’s order. She admitted, “To be fully honest with you guys, this event is the one thing in the 21+ years I’ve been in the po*n industry that I regret doing.”

Final Words

By now, you must be familiar with Lisa Sparks, an adult film actress from the United States who also calls herself Lisa Sparxxx. We never believed that somebody might set a world record for sleeping with many partners in one day, even though people do so for many other reasons.

Therefore, the celebrity will always grab attention. She achieved this incredible world record on October 16, 2004, during the Third Annual World G.B. Championship in Warsaw, Poland.

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