Motu Patlu Ki Jodi

Motu Patlu Ki Jodi Cartoon Series Review

Motu Patlu ki jodi is a famous Indian animated television cartoon that has been entertaining a massive audience since 2012. This popular cartoon series is primarily based on some comic book characters created by renowned Kripa Shankar Bhardwaj. In addition, the story of this cartoon follows two adventurous friends named Motu and Patlu, their names based on their physical appearance. In the series, they both live in a fictional Furfuri Nagar town. 

Motu Patlu ka cartoon is significantly known for its colorful characters, humorous storyline, elaborate chase scenes, comedic mishaps, and larger than real life action sequences. It has incredibly gained a large fan following especially among children and adults. 

Given below are some of the significant facts and details of the Motu Patlu ki jodi cartoon series that you may find interesting to know. 

Storyline of Motu Patlu Ki Jodi Cartoon

As already mentioned, Motu Patlu ki Jodi is a famous comedy adventurous series that follows the escapades of two best friends, Motu and Patlu. 

  • Motu character is shown as a big foodie who is always in search of something to eat and drink. 
  • While, on the other hand, Patlu is somehow a resourceful and smart cartoon who always comes up with smart solutions to everyday problems. 

Together, both these take on a wide range of foes and villains, especially including:

  • An evil scientist named Dr. Jhatka
  • A greedy businessman named John 
  • And a crafty thief named Chingam. 

Motu Patlu Cartoon Movie Characters


A lazy but lovable man who loves eating, especially samosas, all the time. Moreover, being lazy, he is always looking for ways to get rid of doing any work. 


An intelligent, smart, and active-looking guy who often comes up with unique ideas and solutions to everyday problems they both face during adventures. 

Dr. Jhatka 

An excellent scientist who is always shown inventing new machines and electronic gadgets to help both Motu and Patlu. 


A young greedy businessman who always tries to make money from different means, usually often at the expense of other characters. 


An active police inspector who is admired because of his quirky mannerisms and exaggerated accent. 

Production Cast 

Similar to other popular animated Indian cartoons, “Shiva” and ‘Chota Bheem”, Motu Patlu ka cartoon is produced by the very famous Maya Digital Studios. It is a leading and the most prominent animated studio in India that has been creating the most incredible and high-quality animated cartoon content since 1996. Furthermore, it is animated by Maya software and digitized by using 3D Computer Graphics. 

Broadcasting Channels and Languages 

Motu Patlu cartoon Videos are broadcast on several Indian channels, primarily including 

  1. Nickelodeon
  2. Nick HD+
  3. Nick Jr. 
  4. Sonic, and many more. 

Furthermore, this famous Indian animated show is also shown all over India to a wide targeted audience in many languages, mainly 

  1. English 
  2. Hindi 
  3. Tamil 
  4. Telugu 
  5. Bengali
  6. Malayalam, and many more. 

Theme Behind this Famous Motu Patlu ki Jodi Cartoon Series 

The Motu Patlu cartoon videos usually demonstrate a wide range of themes, especially including 

  1. Friendship 
  2. Teamwork
  3. Problem-solving 

Moreover, it also highly emphasizes the importance of learning and education. Particularly including short education segments teaching children about history, science, maths, and many other subjects. 

Furthermore, this popular cartoon show also promotes various positive social values such as

  • Honesty 
  • Kindness
  • Integrity 
  • Creativity 
  • And the curiosity of children to become adventurous.

Worldwide Popularity of Motu Patlu Cartoon and Movies

For years, Motu Patlu ki Jodi has become a remarkable cultural phenomenon, mainly in India. It has been highly acknowledged by a large and dedicated fan following that spans various regions and people of all ages. 

Additionally, this famous cartoon series has won several accolades and awards, including 

  • The 2016 Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards 
  • The Best Indian Animated Series.

Furthermore, this animated cartoon has recently spawned an exclusive range of merchandise, including clothing, games, and toys. 

Besides all fame and popularity, this cartoon series has even inspired to make a featured full-length movie by the name: Motu Patlu cartoon Movie: King of Kings. This movie got released in cinemas in 2016. 

Future Perspective 

Motu Patlu Cartoon series have currently shown no signs of slowing down. Every new day you see this cartoon series coming up with new episodes and featured videos continuing to be broadcast and produced. 

In addition to that, the cultural significance and the show’s global popularity are likely to endure and stay at the top of the chart for many upcoming years. 

Moreover, it may even inspire many producers to make more such new animated cartoon characters in India and beyond. 

Conclusion On Motu Patlu ki Jodi

Motu Patlu cartoon series is a beloved animated series that is incredibly popular among children and adults. It has successfully captured the hearts of millions of cartoon viewers in India and beyond it. 

With their colorful characters, positive values, educational segments, and hilarious storyline, these cartoons have, fortunately, become a symbol of childhood nostalgia and cultural icon for many people worldwide. 

Whether you are a newcomer to watching this cartoon series, or you have been already a long time fan of it, indeed, Motu Patlu ki Jodi is sure to inspire and entertain you with its playful spirit and humorous adventures. 

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