My NCEDCloud Features, Login, A Complete User Guide

Education is quickly catching up to the wonder of the cloud in today’s fast-paced digital world, and NCEdCloud is leading the way. Imagine a setting where teachers and students may access abilities instantly! The North Carolina Education Cloud functions as a magical opening that gives everyone in the field of education access to infinite digital materials and tools.

A cloud-based platform was created with North Carolina’s K–12 schools in view. It is a digital learning environment that offers the state’s students and instructors safe access to instructional materials, tools, and apps. This post will explore NCEdCloud’s features and benefits and how it’s changing education in North Carolina.

What Is NCEdCloud?

North Carolina Education Cloud, or Ncedcloud, is an IAM Service cloud-based platform that provides educational materials and aids in making the online learning experience for instructors, students, and parents simpler. The platform has several helpful features, such as the ability for students to submit assignments directly through the portal, for teachers to view student records, and for parents to monitor their child’s academic progress.

The Identity and Access Management team is on the case when protecting sensitive data! They ensure that only the proper users can access the proper resources. It’s like having security specialists keep your important data secure.

Features Of NCEdCloud

Complete Access

The platform saves time by giving instructors and students easy access to all the educational resources they require from their site.

Secure Login

Due to their servers’ encryption and 24/7 monitoring, the login process is completely secure and protected from threats.

Assignments Submission And Management

Students may readily submit assignments, who can then easily examine them and receive a proper grade.

Student Progress Tracking

Parents, teachers, and students can keep track of their progress, see their grades, and record their attendance.

Communication Tools

Boosts productivity and maintains a positive atmosphere in the classroom by facilitating easy communication between teachers and students.

Parental Access

Parents will have full access to their child’s academic progress, ensuring they are constantly aware of their academic performance.

Administrative Tools

Additionally, it gives users access to advanced roles and certain practical administrative tools, enabling them to edit, modify, or provide other users with necessary rights.

Benefits Of NCEdCloud

Enhanced Learning Experience

Students can access various instructional materials, programs, and technologies through NCEdCloud. This allows individuals to grow at their own pace and according to their ways.

Improved Collaboration

Collaboration between professors and students is facilitated via NCEdCloud. Students may use the platform to communicate with their lecturers and classmates, enabling instructors to design online courses and tasks.

Secure Environment

The privacy and security of student data are guaranteed by the secure platform NCEdCloud. The platform offers strong security features, including two-factor authorization and encryption, and fits with both state and federal data privacy laws.

Increased Efficiency

It simplifies the management of educational materials, tools, and apps. This frees up time so that instructors may concentrate on their primary role.


NCEdCloud is a reasonably priced option for North Carolina’s schools. The platform provides various instructional tools and resources at a fraction of the price of conventional classroom supplies.

How To Login NCEdCloud?

There are two methods to log in to it. Using the password and login information is the first method, and scanning the student QR code is the second. The methods for login into your account using the information and the student QR code are listed separately below. For student access to the platform:

  1. Open your web browser.
  2. Visit
  3. From the drop-down option, select “NCEdCloud.”
  4. Type in your Student Information.
  5. Simply press “Go.”
  6. Access the student dashboard for your account.

Login via Student QR Code

You can use another “QR Code Scan” feature. You won’t need to enter your username and password each time you check in once you claim an account as a student. You will get a QR Code that you can use to sign in and access your account immediately.

  1. Use your browser to go to
  2. Click “Scan Student QR Code.”
  3. The default camera on your smartphone will now open, which you may use to scan the Student QR Code.
  4. You will be sent to your account’s dashboard when the camera reads the QR code.

Recovery Of Forgotten NCEdCloud Username

The procedures detailed below will help you quickly retrieve your username and get into your account if you’ve forgotten it or lost it:

  1. Visit the login page at
  2. The “Forgot my username” link is located underneath the login box.
  3. Enter your account’s username.
  4. For Captcha verification, choose “I’m not a robot” in the checkbox.
  5. Then click “Next.”
  6. Following that, an email will be sent to the one you gave with information on retrieving your account username.
NCEDCloud Login step

How To Change the Password Of NCEdCloud?

The steps listed below should be followed to replace an expired password:

  1. Below is the error warning, “Click Here to change your password” link.
  2. Select “Change Password” from the User Profile Screen’s buttons.
  3. Before changing your password, read the rules of the Employee Password Policy.
  4. Type Your new password in the box.
  5. Change your password.
  6. For verification, input your password again.
  7. You will get an error notification that reads “Password Does Not Meet Requirements” if your password fails to meet the policy’s standards.
  8. If so, check your password again and write it following the Password regulations.
  9. When you finish, the error notice will change to green and devour “Password Meets Requirements.”
  10. To finish, click “Change Password.”

Recovery Of NCEdCloud’s Forgotten Password?

You can reset or retrieve your lost or forgotten password using the IAMs service’s password recovery method. This is how: 

  1. View this site at
  2. Go to the login page and click the “Forgot my password” option.
  3. Enter your account’s username now.
  4. Pass the Captcha by clicking the “I’m not a robot” box.
  5. After that, you must answer challenging questions to confirm your identity.
  6. You can change your password after providing accurate answers to all the questions.
NCEDCloud password reset

Frequently Asked Questions

What is NCEDCloud?

The cloud-based platform North Carolina Education Cloud was created especially for educational institutions in North Carolina. It suggests a range of tools and services for administration, teaching, and learning.

How do I access NCEDCloud?

Contact your educational institution’s IT department or technology coordinator to gain access. They will provide the login information and instructions for logging onto the platform.

Is NCEDCloud secure?

Yes, it puts a high priority on security and takes steps to protect user data and privacy. The platform uses encryption, secure authentication, and other security measures to protect user information. 

Is this service only available in North Carolina?

This platform was initially designed for educational institutions in North Carolina. However, the United States’ other institutions rapidly became aware of it following its demand.

Can I Access NCEdCloud From My Mobile Device?

It may be accessed from various devices, including tablets and mobile phones. You may access the platform’s services and log in using a web browser on your mobile device.

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