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Welcome to the strategic world of try hard wordle where even a little bit of interest and research may help you succeed greatly. If you prefer exercising your linguistic abilities or love having a nice brainteaser, Wordle is surely a perfect game for you.

Today, I am here to present a professional guide to solve this compelling word game’s puzzles extraordinarily. Also, I will give you brief insights regarding the Wordle try hard tool and the best tips, tricks, and secrets as you go along.  

What is a Hard Wordle?

It is a unique word puzzle game that is built on the key concept of traditional wordle and puzzle games. But what makes it unique is that it includes an extra layer of complexity.

In this word game, you are given 6 attempts to guess a 5 letter word correctly. Every single time the player makes a guess, the game system provides feedback. That feedback is usually indicated by highlighting three colors:

  • The green color for correct letter and position
  • The yellow color indicates the correct letter but with misplacement
  • The gray color shows incorrect letter guesses.

Wordle Web Overview

Try Hard Wordle
Game NameTry Hard Wordle 
Developed byJosh Wardle
new puzzle time12:00 am local time of your device
PlatformsAndroid, iOS, Web
MonthSeptember 2023
wordle official website

Rules of the Game

Before diving into the details of the famous Try Hard Wordle game, let first know the basic game rules:

  • Limited Guesses and Attempts

To guess the six-letter word in this game, players are given just 5 attempting chances. This heightened difficulty level undoubtedly requires a lot more precise thinking and accuracy.

  • 6 letters Word

Unlike the usual wordle games, wordle try hard game challenges its players to guess a six-letter word instead of a traditional five. That ultimately adds a complexity layer to this game.

  • Indirect Hints

Similar to usual word games, the hints provided in this game might not be straightforward enough. Therefore, the players typically need to rely on their creativity and linguistic intuition to solve their puzzles.

How to Get Started with Try Hard Wordle Game?

How to get started Try Hard Wordle
  1. Begin with vowels

Start guessing the word with vowels as follows in your initial attempts:

A, E, I, O, and U.

These vowels are usually included in most of the words, so they provide a valuable guess.

  1. Familiarize yourself with a dictionary

You must know a dictionary with a broad vocabulary to excel in this game. Unlike traditional word guessing games, Try Hard Wordle frequently allows for more obscure words. Therefore, expanding your information is crucial to win.

  1. Guess patterns with positioning

If you have already guessed any vowel correctly, try to figure out its exact position too. That can surely narrow down to some close possibilities. Therefore, pay attention to letter arrangements and word patterns.

  1. Employ elimination rule

Once you have got a hint of some correct letters of any word, try to use the elimination rule. Eliminating the incorrect letters will help you refine your word guesses a lot.

  1. Embrace arrangement power

In the wordle try hard, try rearranging correct letters in various combinations. Smart rearrangements can sometimes reveal the words hidden from being obvious at first sight.

  1. Balance precision and speed

While there are limited guessing attempts in this game, rushing through hints can lead to major mistakes. Therefore, play with precision while balancing speed, making sure that each of your guesses is right on point.

Tips and Tricks

Are you hoping to improve at wordle try hard games? If yes, then here are a few tips and tricks that will greatly help you solve this game’s puzzles more easily next time you play.

  1. Try your best to open with a strong statement.
  2. Avoid sending duplicate letters
  3. Give yourself some extra hints by looking for 5 letter words.
  4. Try to figure out a few go-to words featuring multiple vowels.

Try Hard Wordle Solver Tool

How to use Try Hard Wordle solver tool

Wordle Solver is a handy tool available online nowadays to solve wordle puzzles. This tool can readily assist you in guessing the right word and solving tricky wordle problems just in a few seconds or minutes. Anyone may find this exclusive tool on the Wordle Try Hard Guides website.

How to Use it?

  • Access the Wordle solver tool
  • Enter the guess clue letters
  • Select a specific word length
  • Click on the solve button
  • Review the suggestions and possibilities
  • Make an informed guess based on suggestions
  • Refine your guessing strategy

Congratulations! You are done.


Are there any shortcuts to win in this wordle game?

Undoubtedly, Try Hard Wordle is designed to be quite a challenging game. Using shortcuts or cheating in it might ruin its actual fun and the sense of accomplishment. Therefore, it is highly recommended to play it as it is.

Is this game played online or offline?

Unfortunately, this game is not available offline. Players can only play it with a reliable internet connection to receive regular updates.

How can anyone master wordle try hard skills?

Remember, practice is the key to success. Therefore, the more you play, the better you will become at it. Frequent practice will let you make educated guesses deciphering amazing feedback.

How many levels are in this game?

This particular wordle game offers only a single level of difficulty till now. There is no levels system in it. However, the only challenge lies in the difficulty of guessing the 5-letter hidden word in merely 6 attempts.

Is there any alternative word solver tool for it?

Yes, nowadays many players use try hard guides wordle solver tool for it. However, remember that it is just designed to assist you; it is not foolproof. You may use it to make your gameplay better, but the solutions are not guaranteed.


In short, Try Hard Wordle is an incredible twist to the traditional Wordle games. It is specifically designed to test one’s word-solving abilities to the maximum. By following the strategies mentioned above in this article and regularly practicing, undoubtedly, anyone can become a champion in this game.

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