Korean Wolf Cut

Korean Wolf Cut

The Korean Wolf Cut is a new hairstyle which has brought a storm on the internet. The hairstyle is characterized by short and medium sized luscious locks on the top with sleek, cropped sides and back or shaved undercut. If you are thinking of having this Wolf Cut hairstyle for yourself, you are on the right blog. In this blog article, we will explore everything related to Korean Wolf Cut. If you are curious about it, what is its history or how it looks like? read our blog article. 

What is the Korean Wolf Cut?

The Korean Wolf Cut is a hairstyle that originated in South Korea and became popular on TikTok. Wolf cut female is a mix of traditional shag and a mullet. Wolf cuts have different sizes of short, medium and large. Most male wolf haircuts are short sized while female haircuts are long sized. This type of haircut features luscious locks with cropped sides and back or shaved undercut.

The History Of the Korean Wolf Cut

The Korean Wolf Cut hairstyle started its origin in South Korea during the Joseon Dynasty. First, this hairstyle was worn by soldiers but later on, the general public followed this trend. It became popular in the West after the launch of “The Last Samurai (2003)” movie. Celebrities and many other people adopted it. 

Best Korean Wolf Cuts Female to Charm Everyone

A charming and fantastic look in the best possible way lies in the Korean hairstyle trends. Simply read out the following list of Wolf Cut hairstyle genres and choose the most appropriate hairstyle for yourself.

Short Bixie

You might be stunned to find out that a short wolf cut haircut is a viable option to ooze elegance. You can now endorse this concise hairstyle right now. Short bixie is a fusion of short haircut with the bixie cut that enables you to arrange your hair in this particular way. Shoulder length hair is the best way to fashion your hair. To have this hairstyle, the frontal portion of hair should be trimmed shorter than the back and sides to add a subtle highlight to look fashionable.

 Fancy Female

This is the classic Korean Wolf Cut for females which is on the top of a triangle and other variants on the bottom. It consists of long hair layered up in such a  way that the hair in the back is lengthy and becomes shortened as we move toward the front.

Frontal hair has a short length on the whole area while back hair is long. Keep hair dark brown to create the most perfect Wolf Cut hairstyle.

Curly Hair With Shadow Bangs

Curly hair with shadow bangs hairstyle features sharp shadow bangs giving transparency to forehead hair. THis curly hair version doesn’t involve styling the hair into fine curls rather it commits to the natural curls. Such types of layered hair curls with bangs stand out as a very unique hairstyle with a gorgeous look.

Feathered Mullet Wolf Cut Hairstyle

This wolf cut female radiates the mullet effect with long hair at the back and frontal hair is widely opened without bangs. Top head hair is condensed as compared to less voluminous and fringes feathered. This gives females a younger and fresh look.

Chin-Length Wolf Cut

This is a wolf cut Korean shorter variation providing a wonderful way to rock the trend. The top area contains short layers, choppy with increasing length toward the end. Itr has a thick front fringe and this wolf cut variation is best for air drying.

Caramel Layers

Now let’s focus on the shag aesthetics more with curly hair endings. The caramel hairstyle can be made with layers of hair length from short to medium and then large. Dye frontal hair in caramel to get the feathery effect more visible. Curled bangs inward make you look ravishing. We recommend you to have this type of Wolf Cut haircut.

Tamed Wolf Cut

With short layers of hair, this Korean Wolf Cut is a little more subdued. The top hair shaft has less oomph giving a carefree and attractive appearance. This is an ideal variant of Wolf Cut that you can try to look smart, younger and sexy.

Korean Wolf Cut Male

Are you curious to know about male wolf cut variants? This haircut trend has skyrocketed on social media. Everyone is talking about this haircut. 

This hairstyle consists of waverly curtains with almost equal sizes on all sides, probably a little bit shorter at the back.

How to take care of Korean Wolf Cut?

If you are thinking of having a Wolf Cut for you, you have to care for it. Here are some care tips:

The key essential for maintaining a wolf cut hairstyle is regular grooming. Brush your hair daily and use shampoo while bathing. Trim every 4-6 weeks as long hair will look shaggy and unkempt.

So, the Korean Wolf haircut is a high maintenance style. 

How to style a Wolf Cut hairstyle?

To do the wolf haircut, you have to divide your hair into three parts; frontal hair is shaped into proper bangs, and the other two sides of the hair need to be cut down into round shape. Use parm rolling matching to make curls. In this way you can style your Korean Wolf Hairstyle.

Alternatives to Korean Wolf Cut

If you are not interested in Korean Wolf hairstyles, there are many other alternatives to it. One popular option is the standard poodle cut which is similar in style. Blonde hairdo, Asian short hairdo, Seductive hair are some other options you can try.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will wolf cut suit me?

The Wolf Cut hairstyle is a popular hairstyle trending on TikTok that is followed by many celebrities and TikTok stars. Definitely, it suits you. If you don’t like this style, choose another option.

What Face shape is best suitable for Korean Wolf Cut?

Oval or round face shape is best suitable for the wolf cut hairstyle. This is because an over shaped face allows the hair to be cut into roundness and overall balance.

What popular actors have had a Korean Wolf Cut?

Among popular actors who have Wolf hairstyles include Lee Min Ho, Beomgyun, Park Bo Gum, Park Seo Joon, Kwon Soo Hyun, and Lee Min Ho, etc.

Which Popular Actresses have had a Wolf Hairstyle?

AMong the most popular celebrities and actresses who have wolf haircuts include Miley Cyrus, Billie Eilish, Kaia Gerber , Jung Hoyeon, Jenna Ortega, etc.

Final Thought

The Korean Wolf Cut hairstyle is a trending hairstyle on social media. It originated in South Korea which is followed by celebrities and later on the local population. Not only does this haircut look stylish and modern, but also easy to style and manage. Due to its timeless style and effortless maintenance, it is widely liked in the world. 

This amazing hairstyle is definitely a head tumor for you if you are looking for a hairstyle worth considering.  Thanks for reading our article! Let’s meet in another post!

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