13 Best BestGore Alternatives

A Canadian shock website called BestGore features photos, videos, and articles on actual issues. Mark Marek created BestGore on April 30, 2008. Additionally, it offers photographic and video evidence of incidents, such as homicides, suicides, torture, open surgeries, mutilations, and accidents. On the website, it also accepts user comments and thoughts. is specifically made for anyone over 18 who enjoys watching horrific stuff. The interface for BestGore data is user-friendly and divided into different areas. Each category’s content is available for viewing, streaming, and sharing on BestGore.

This post will discuss websites like BestGore or alternatives to BestGore. The Canadian shock or gore website BestGore makes available to individuals all over the world videos, images, and news that are shockingly violent in real life. Like Hoodsite, offers a wide selection of recent, real violent images and films accessible from anywhere in the world.

What Is BestGore?

Bestgore is a shock website that offers extremely violent real-life news, pictures, videos, user moments, and published thoughts. The site’s owner, Mark Marek, exposes horrific true-life images and videos of homicides, torture, beheadings, suicides, car accidents, and open surgeries. Every day, posts a brand-new video at random to its website.

The website’s content is divided into sections, and the user interface is simple. You can access, download, and even share each type’s content with others. However, due to some inflammatory language or videos that promote violence in our society, the government has officially banned images or videos from

13 Best Websites Like BestGore

Here are the best alternatives or sites like BestGore. So, you easily select the best site that competes with BestGore. Keep reading to learn more.

  1. Documenting Reality
  2. The YNC
  3. Goregrish
  4. Damaged Corpse
  5. Deep Gore Tube
  6. Hoodsite
  7. Scary For Kids 
  8. Leaked Reality
  9. Body Modification Ezine
  10. Daily Mail
  11. Ebaum’s World
  12. VEOH
  13. Washington Post

Documenting Reality

The most popular BestGore alternative is Documenting Reality. It is an unedited online platform that features a selection of real-life crimes and videos and images supporting them. The uncensored website of Documenting Reality may contain real-life images and videos of mishaps, suicides, fatalities, and other human oddities.

Anyone under 18 should not use the website because it contains inappropriate content. Violent behavior is not accepted on this website. As the name implies, it is merely documenting the reality of our world. Naturally, this occasionally involves aggressive behavior but does not encourage it. The website only keeps track of when these instances happen.


The YNC is the next option on our list of the top BestGore alternatives. This page contains all videos that are concerned with gore. Anyone can sign up and upload videos to this website for sharing videos. Images of torture, murder, accidents, and injuries can be seen in these violent films and others. Both the title and thumbnail of each video are present. They might be liked or disapproved of and shared on other networks.

Any video or image can be searched for here. Type the name of your video in the search bar to start watching. You can create a favorite folder to save your favorite videos for later watching.


Goregrish is one of the best websites like BestGore, as you can likely guess from the name. It is comparable to Reddit, which differs from the sites mentioned above in that you must register and log in to access user-uploaded content. However, the public can view photographs in the war category. You have to locate what you’re looking for here because, according to the website, more than 400,000 photographs and videos are published daily.

The website includes footage of deaths but also makes up fictitious stories loosely based on real-world occurrences. A particular area with higher quality and more violent content is only accessible to subscribers. Overall, Goregrish is a fantastic site that you can consider as one of its alternatives.

Damaged Corpse

On Damaged Corpse’s website, you can view unedited media such as images, movies, and audio stories. You will find frightening stuff on these websites that is inappropriate for mainstream media. It exposes real images of fatal accidents, suicides, human malformations, and accidents. In summary, Damaged Corpse is one of the best platforms to consider as an option.

Damage Corpse, like many other websites alternative to BestGore, provides a variety of categories to browse, each featuring disturbing stuff. Most of these materials have yet to be edited and are unsuitable for broadcast media. However, if you enjoy anything similar, take a look.

Deep Gore Tube

It is one of the widely used alternatives for It is a website for sharing videos with news, pictures, and videos of actual historical occurrences. This website focuses primarily on explicit material and uncut adult films. Access to this website is prohibited for users over the age of 18. You can select any video category from the site’s primary interface, such as accident, animal, CCTV, punishment, war, etc.


You can watch videos of robberies, shootings, and accidents on Hoodsite, one of the greatest alternatives to or video communities. You get a permit to all of the platform’s videos on this website, including the most recent material that has been featured.

The videos given by Hoodsite are substantially “softer” than those from the previously mentioned gore websites. For instance, you can discover footage of fights here or news articles about actual events. Still, this site has an effective search feature where you can find some horrific videos.

Scary For Kids

Scary for Kids is the greatest website, similar to, if you visit BestGore for scary videos. It intends to frighten you by providing spooky things, including scary stories, games, mazes, ghost photos, weird videos, and horror films. Choose the desired category from the menu to discover more spooky content on this website.

  • Scary pictures and TV shows.
  • Spooky nightmares and dreams.
  • Videos of hurricanes, storms, and other extreme weather
  • Conflict and Terrorism video

Leaked Reality

Leaked Reality is a website to view uncensored news and media content, including the top international news and Hollywood paparazzi. This website collects an unreleased video from the previous week featuring the most recent political, entertainment, technology, and sports events. The website wants to freely share as much of this exclusive content with you as possible.

The Leaked Reality platform seeks to offer a fair, free, and unbiased news source to the entire world. The only aim is to share the world’s news from a different angle, so the content is unfiltered and unedited. By doing so, the material helps you feel knowledgeable rather than blinding you with untrue information.

Body Modification Ezine

Body Modification Ezine includes a collection of graphic material that is both violent and obscene, as well as articles about extreme body piercing. Extreme body modification and ornamentation are also common, whether through tattoos or body piercings. The global community can post photographs and videos of their own unique experiences.

Additionally, you can browse via categories like tattoos, scarification, culture, surgery, ritual, etc. Browse its subcategories, including chemical scarification, tongue-sucking, cuttings, genital surgery, ball dancing, etc. Body Modification Ezine is a fantastic site you should consider using as one of your choices.

Daily Mail

The most effective alternative is Daily Mail. You can find various news-related videos, trending topics, sports, etc., here. Daily Mail might look and feel better. The website BestGore has the best visual appeal and excellent photos and videos. It is advised to use the Daily Mail website if you enjoy live news and sports. 

The user interface feels different than BestGore and is simple to use. The website is overflowing with a huge selection of movies, though. You may view various videos, including sports, viral, and news, when you click on them. Although it’s not the finest option for Gore, it’s still worth a go.

Ebaum’s World

Ebaum’s World is a website for entertainment run by Literally Media that was established in 2001. This is a great BestGore alternative if you enjoy funny content. It includes humorous online culture, memes, videos, photos, and other media types. The monetary point system allows users to trade points for money.

Ebaum’s World is a great alternative to BestGore if you enjoy humorous content. In Ebaum’s World, you may see humorous videos from around the World. You may also find many interesting videos under the video area if you’re seeking violent content.


In September 2005, the American video-sharing website Veoh went live. It changed from a video-sharing website in March 2006 to a virtual television network application. You can find anything you wish to enjoy on that website, like sports, news, humor, and other things. The most outstanding BestGore alternative is this. 

Although YouTube, Vimeo, and Dailymotion are gradually replacing them, it still provides various videos in different genres. Veoh is one of the best websites like BestGore, if you’re looking for amusing videos.

Washington Post

Most people believe that the Washington Post is one of the best news sources in the world. Through your mobile device, it keeps you up to date on all stories, insights, and features. The software offers a beautiful, lightweight layout that is simple to navigate. Press Discover to view a comprehensive visual experience highlighting trending news, opinion, and analysis topics. 

Additionally, flipping back and forth between the pages of the newspaper allows you to read it rapidly. Users can browse a variety of articles to improve their knowledge. Additionally, you can save stories to the My Posts section of the premium version and read them again quickly. 

Is Bestgore Legal?

BestGore has a long history of being one of the most bloody, violent, and gory websites. You may find and watch videos of child beheadings, the results of rape, horrifying injuries, racist comments, and more with just a few mouse clicks. The government has forbidden search engines from indexing images and videos on that contain extremely foul language, gore, and violence to protect innocent individuals. 

No doubt, banning such websites will improve and make the Internet safer. It is still possible to find websites like online.

Final Words

BestGore is a Canadian website established in 2008 and offers people worldwide news, photographs, and videos of highly violent real-life events. Similar to YouTube, there are many videos you can stream, watch, store, and even share, but there are many more gory films and images. is thus also an illegal website for users under 18. Even though BestGore has received much attention since it published a live murder video in 2012, the website was shut down permanently for several reasons. Check out this blog if you’re still looking for the best sites like BestGore.

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