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Save From Net | 5 Best Save From Net Alternatives | Download Social Media Videos

Young internet users today use a variety of video-downloading programs. They are advantageous for those who have active lifestyles. These people wish to download videos to view later or watch video streams on their PCs. They use different tools like Save from Net for downloading videos.

Looking for a quick and easy way to download movies and reels from Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube without installing software. Discover here how safe Save From Net is for the Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram platform and how it allows you to do the functioning!

Fortunately, several websites still let you download internet videos that are Save From Net alternatives. In this article, we go over the best Save From Net alternatives.

What is Save From Net?

The best website for downloading video and audio clips from popular streaming services and social media sites like Facebook and YouTube is Save From Net. Users may download several audio and video formats to their local devices using it. 

Users must first copy and paste the link to the video from the source platform into the appropriate input box on the Save from Net site. After that, users must click the “Download” button to get the readily available downloads.

Best Save From Net Alternatives 

  1. Clip Converter
  2. PasteDownload
  3. VidMate
  4. SaveInsta 
  5. Free Video Downloader

Clip Converter

The clip Converter is the Save From Net alternative, and both do comparable tasks. YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, and other video websites may all be used with the Clip Converter. The Clip Converter is useful for downloading videos from a social networking site. The Clip converter plugin is accessible for several browsers, and this downloader works with both Windows and Mac machines.

Clip Converter

The Clip converter can download 4K HD video and convert it to other formats. Additionally, you may record the screen activity and download the video in various resolutions and file types, including MP4, MP4A, 3GP, MP3, and AVI. The clip converter may also be used to get audio files from Youtube.


Similar to Savefromnet is a site called PasteDownload. It offers a free service to download high-quality videos from various sources. The platform lets users download videos from well-known websites like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Additionally, the site claims that the videos downloaded are 100% secure.


The PasteDownload platform may be used the same way as other equivalent platforms. Users first go to the website’s main page, paste the video’s source URL, click the download button, then select the format they want to save the linked file. Using this platform, you may convert video to audio as well.


One of the best Save From Net alternatives for downloading free videos from websites is VidMate. Videos may now easily be downloaded from social networking sites like Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram, as well as internet websites. Multiple sources are available. The ultimate platform, VidMate, promises to support various systems, making it simple to obtain the necessary films for free.


Discussing VidMate offers customers several distinctive features that set it apart from competing websites. It also provides a smartphone application. With a built-in browser and compatibility with several languages, VidMate has an easy-to-understand user interface. Anyone may instantly download videos from the internet with the VidMate software. You can save videos in the resolution and format of your choice.


By downloading them from a SaveInsta website, you may keep saving your favorite Instagram posts. It supports practically all web browsers and OS systems and specifically examines downloads from Instagram. Yes, it is the best alternative to Save From Net Instagram.


You may download Instagram videos from the internet using SaveInsta, including IGTV, stories, videos, and reels. It is free to use, and you may do so from any device of your choice. All of the videos you download are HD quality as well.

Free Video Downloader

An alternative to Save From Net, which only saves videos from a few websites, is Tech Learn’s free video downloader. Only videos from Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, TikTok, Twitter, Vimeo, and a few more websites can be downloaded. SoundCloud and Bandcamp both provide audio downloads.

Free Video Downloader

The site’s interface is easy to use. You are presented with high-quality choices when you paste a video URL from a supported site. The only restriction is that, despite the source video having, for instance, a 4K option available, the site does not permit you to download a video in resolutions higher than 1080p.

How To Download Video By Save From Net Instagram?

The procedures for downloading Savefromnet Instagram are as follows:

  • By entering your login information in the app, launch Instagram.
  • Copy the link by tapping the three-dot icon in the opened video’s bottom right corner.
  • Choosing Copy Link URL
  • Copy and paste the link into the Save From Net input field. 
  • Click “Download”
  • The local gallery or the Downloads folder receives the downloaded video.
save from net

How To Download Video By Save From Net Youtube?

The most trusted online YouTube video downloader is Save From Net Youtube. They are excellent at downloading YouTube videos in bulk using playlists, converting them to mp4, and extracting audio from music videos. Currently, the center for new music releases is YouTube. Savefromnet makes it extremely easy to download a YouTube video.

  • Copy the link by tapping the three-dot icon in the opened video’s bottom right corner.
  • Choosing Copy Link URL
  • Copy and paste the link into the Save From Net input field. 
  • Click “Download”
  • The local gallery or the Downloads folder receives the downloaded video.

How To Download Videos By Save From Net MP3?

Save From Net MP3 on the internet is the best YouTube videos to MP3 converter. The procedure is simple to understand and uncomplicated. The identical procedures as downloading any video are used. 

  • When given a list of download choices, search for the “mp3” option, then click it. 
  • A new button will emerge with a little delay. 
  • Once you do that, the YouTube video will take 10-15 seconds to be changed to an MP3. 
  • As soon as the modification is done, the download procedure will start immediately.

How To Download Videos By Save From Net Facebook?

The procedures for downloading Save From Net Facebook are as follows:

  • By entering your login information in the app, launch Facebook.
  • Copy the link by tapping the three-dot icon in the opened video’s bottom right corner.
  • Choosing Copy Link URL
  • Copy and paste the link into the Save From Net input field. 
  • Click “Download”
  • The local gallery or the Downloads folder receives the downloaded video.

How To Add Save From Net Extension To Chrome?

The Chameleon extension may be added through the Google WebStore:

  • For Save From Net Extension to function correctly, Chameleon is required. 
  • Then, follow the directions by clicking “Add to Chrome.”
  • Add the extension from Opera add-ons to your Google Chrome browser to use Save From Net extension.
  • Choose “Add to Chameleon.”
  • Now that Save Assistant is installed on your computer, downloading your favorite music and videos is simple.
save from net extension

Why is Save From Net Not Working?

A poor internet connection may cause a problem with your browser if the Save From Net website isn’t loading for you. Try the following to solve the problem:

Check Your Internet Connection 

By doing a speed test or contacting your internet service provider, confirm your internet connection is steady.

Clear Your Browser Cache and Cookies

Cookies and browser cache occasionally affect how quickly the page loads. Go to your browser’s settings and use the option to clear cache and cookies to get rid of them.

Disable Browser Extensions

Sometimes browser extensions prevent a webpage from loading. Try deactivating any installed browser extensions, then reloading the website.

Is Save From Net Legal?

The tool Save From Net itself is not prohibited. It may, however, be considered illegal to use it to download copyrighted information without authorization from the owner or the necessary permissions, which is unlawful in most places. The terms of service of the tool you are downloading may also be broken if you download copyrighted content.

Generally speaking, you can use the videos for personal, public, or Creative Commons-licensed purposes. Legal authorization must be obtained When using content protected by copyright laws.

Is Save From Net Safe Website?

There are various concerns regarding the reliability and safety of the Save From Net website. The well-known platform that enables users to download their preferred films onto their devices comes with security issues.

Always make sure you are abiding by local rules and regulations. To ensure compliance, you should also be familiar with the platform’s terms of service.


With all the benefits and drawbacks of using Save From Net, you may determine if you feel comfortable using the program. You have to make your choice on the qualities and issues raised.

You must choose it if competing websites offer roughly identical features at a lower cost or no cost. Most individuals are concerned about privacy; therefore, you may choose whether to use the website depending on the Savefromnet alternatives provided.

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