improving customer experience

Guide to improving customer experience for your business

At a time when digitization is accelerating, consumer expectations are more and more important and the purchasing decision more and more influenced by external opinions. When we know the close link between customer satisfaction and business turnover, improving the customer experience becomes a major challenge. Here are six key steps to deliver the best experience to your customers.

Get to know your customers

The customer experience results from the interactions that exist between you and your customers. It designates the representation that a customer makes of a brand or a company after a contact.

Good customer relationship management begins with building this relationship on solid foundations, providing a quality customer experience. There is only one watchword for this: listen to your customers.

Pamper your satisfied customers

A customer who has had a positive experience with your brand becomes a satisfied customer. But that’s no reason to lose interest in it! On the contrary, it is essential to take care of your loyal customers to maintain a relationship of trust over time, in a process of continuous improvement of the customer experience.

Reward their loyalty by inviting them to private events or offering them exclusive benefits, to make them true ambassadors of your brand.

Treat your customers’ dissatisfaction

One of the essential points to improve the customer experience is naturally to take into account the feedback and suggestions of your users. It may sound obvious, but many businesses choose to ignore their customer dissatisfaction after a bad experience.

However, listening to their suggestions, particularly through the implementation of satisfaction surveys, and taking them into account to improve your product or service, is extremely effective in optimizing your level of customer satisfaction.

By offering satisfaction surveys to your customers, you will be able to:

  • Monitor key changes.
  • Solve problems.
  • Improve the experience.

By bringing together all of your customer feedback into a single platform, you’ll be able to easily identify sticking points and prevent a customer question from going unanswered.

This approach will even help you transform a dissatisfied customer into a prescriber, who can recommend your services to others!

Keep the flame alive

When they buy your products and services, your customers also acquire who you are. Emotion is the most powerful tool there is to connect a brand to its customers and strengthen its brand image.

The challenge is to create a lasting emotional and relational bond with your customers, thanks to perfectly optimized customer service. A successful experience is one where the customer feels a connection to your brand and never leaves you again.

Find the best way to get in touch with them

The way you interact with your customers, says a lot about your business. It may sound old school but get a toll free number for your business, it has many advantages. For starters, customers appreciate the personal touch when they hear your voice. Also not every customer is tech savvy enough to use social media to contact you. 

Lastly, toll free numbers are easily recognizable, which means better exposure for your business. Nowadays most toll free numbers have worldwide reach, so don’t worry what your 08 number looks like, it usually means the area code 844 or 800 for numbers like 0844 or 0800.

Prepare your teams as they should

In order to ensure optimal customer service, it is imperative to develop, among your teams, a real culture of improving the customer experience. Set up support actions to train them in your “customer-centric” approach, so that they can apply it to the service of your customers.

In addition, regularly collect their feedback from contacts with customers: their comments will be invaluable in improving your strategy.

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