How to start my own clothing brand

How to Start My Own Clothing Brand?

Fashion industry is expanding day by day in the world and it comes up with new business models who tell their own stories to help people start their businesses. Starting your own clothing brand can be an exciting venture. There are several steps involved in launching your own clothing brand line, from conceptualizing clothing brands and designs to the right material and manufacturing partners, etc. With the right strategies, you can bring your vision to life. In this article, we will explore how to start my own clothing brand with simple key steps. You will get the idea about how to start your own clothing line from zero to launch and success. 

Without wasting our time, let’s start our journey here!

Things to consider before starting a clothing brand

Before starting your own clothing brand, you should consider following 3 essential things:

  1. Starting a clothing brand takes tremendous sweat equity.
  2. Definitely challenges and doubts will arise, in case you are starting a business for the first time.
  3. Follow your passion. If you are aware that your home is a fashion industry, you will do everything possible to change your passion into a reality.

How to start my own clothing brand

We have shortlisted the procedure from starting your clothing brand line from zero to success. Follow our 10 simple steps to start your journey:

1. Choose a specialty

Establishing a clothing brand is a personal venture. You would be a highly creative person creating something unique to meet and contribute to the market. Work on to identify the huge market gap or on a distinctive design for a certain target segment. Define your specialization first whether you want to establish your clothing brand on multiple items or for a single item, such as the world famous Fred Perry shirt.

Understand your area of speciality and I recommend to start a single item first with excellent managing and quality ideas. It will provide you with a legacy and a guiding principle. You will earn trust from the community. And if you will become successful for a single clothing item, launch different other clothing items. Now no one can stop you succeeding with your next plan.  

2. Develop a Business Plan

Developing a business or budget plan will guide your entire journey as a clothing and fashion designer. Before developing a business plan, ask yourself these questions: What is the ultimate goal of my product? What does it cost to start a clothing brand? Do I want to establish a premium brand which will be sold in SoHo in New York or Melrose Avenue? Keep remembering your goal in your mind as you create your brand. 

Make it British says that 50% of businesses spend more than $18646 or £15,000 to launch their UK made brands. 

Remember that the fashion sector is tough to predict.

3. Recognize and understand your target market

Understanding the market and target audiences is a crucial step before starting your own clothing brand. Research competitors, consumer base and growth prospects. Understand your potential customers based on their characteristics such as marital status, age or shoping online or in store, etc. 

4. Choose your Brand Name

Be sure that your clothing items can be manufactured at reasonable production costs. Now pick up your clothing business brand name, log and slogan is necessary. Design your website at ecommerce platforms such as Shopify or Etsy or Amazone etc. Choose the name or term that is easy to recall, clear and informative. Your brand name should present a compelling story behind it to get the attention of your customers. 

5. Make Your Clothing Designs

Production process is one of the most alluring stages of any clothing business line. If you have a conceptual apparel design in your mind, draw it on a rough paper or on an Android or iPad screen. Then convert your design into detailed digital drawings.

Now consider your “Tech Pack” which provides apparel information to your manufacturer. Tech Pack must include product’s specifications and characteristics for example, from layout and measurements to additional accessories and ingredients.

6. Examine the quality of your product

Always buy such samples that satisfy your product’s quality requirements. Remember that your reputation lies in the quality of your product. It is preferable to spend high money for a quality product rather than affecting your reputation to save some pennies.

7. Choose a Price for your Brand products

This step is linked with identifying and understanding your target customers. Choose a price that will satisfy your manufacturing cost and your market expenses. But it doesn’t alienate your customers’ needs.

8. Begin the Marketing process

At this point, your brand needs awareness as something unique. Market your business through different social media platforms such as Instagram. Instagram is a very popular platform for marketing. Many Instagram influencers promote new fashion brands by exchanging products. 

You can also market your clothing brand business by giving discounts to your customers. Analyze the prices of your competitors and set a few bucks lower as compared to your competitors to increase your sales.

Learn from the pros

Get experiences and tips from professional business operators about your industry. This is very important if you are growing your new brand business. You will get the latest clothing ideas and designs and reviews of different products that are already popular.

Maintain your motivation 

You have completed your task of creating your own clothing brand. Now do not lose motivation if at the beginning your organization does not make a lot of money. Everything requires some potential and takes time to reach and generate publicity among the potential audiences. Maintain your company as a breathing room for everyone, improve your style of dealing with customers and make as many discount offers as you can. Finally, we believe that you may become a garment and clothing success. 

This is how to start my own clothing brand.


As you have seen, creating your own clothing brand line is not an easy task. We have simplified the overall procedure as much as we can. You have completely understood our guide on how to start my own clothing brand. Just focus on your goal, maintain better quality in both your products and environment and keep learning from professionals. Start your new clothing brand now! Good Luck!

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