7 ideas on how to equip a barn in the country

7 ideas on how to equip a barn in the country

A country shed or a change house left after construction work can serve not only as a place to store garden tools. We publish ideas on how to equip a barn inside in our article.


Real gardeners will appreciate the barn, combined with a small greenhouse. Such a building looks very interesting and aesthetically pleasing, besides, it is easy to do it yourself.

You will need glazing on a wooden frame and shelves for plants. The greenhouse should be well lit by the sun. In the second half of the building, you can store everything you need to grow horticultural crops.


The easiest way to use a barn in the country is to assign it the role of a keeper of garden tools. The advantages of this solution:

No need to look for a place in the house.

All the earth that falls from the inventory remains inside the building.

Finding the right tools while working in the garden is not difficult – they will always be at hand.

For convenient storage of shovels and choppers, we recommend hanging them on the walls, or building a special holder to put inventory in one corner. For small items you will need shelves, drawers and hooks.

Mini house

A garden shed can be so cozy that you want to spend as much time as possible in it. Renovating an old building is much easier than making an extension to the main house.

In the equipped shed it will be nice to take a nap after dinner or spend time with a book. If you put a bed and a table inside, the building will serve as a house for guests who love privacy.

For greater comfort, the walls should be insulated.


It is very convenient to use a barn as a workshop: all tools and materials are in one place, and dust and dirt from construction work does not fly into the house.

In addition, if the building is located deep in the site, the noise from power tools will not interfere so much. To equip the workshop, it is necessary to provide the room with electricity, storage racks and a workbench.

Summer shower

To convert a conventional shower from a barn, you will need to install a tank or plastic barrel on the roof, the water in which will be heated by the sun. A more complex option that requires electrification is the purchase of a water heater and a pump. It is also necessary to finish the internal walls with waterproof material and provide for a drain.


The barn can be easily converted into a home office – this is the ideal solution for those who continue to work even in the country. For convenience, we recommend putting a table and a chair in the house, as well as hanging curtains that will protect the laptop screen from the bright sun. An office in the garden will allow you to work alone, without being distracted by the fuss that reigns in the house.


A barn located in a summer cottage can become a favorite place for a child: surrounded by toys and friends, he will feel like a real owner of his own home. In order for the room to be comfortable, there must be enough light in it. The wooden floor should be covered with a warm rug, provide seating and a storage system for toys inside the house.

Ennobling the site, its owner solves not only an aesthetic, but also a functional issue. Thanks to the shed, you can free up useful space in the house, getting rid of unnecessary things, or equip an additional place for rest, work or play. 

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